We create the most amazing, unique, custom, bespoke Fabulous finish. Our lead artisan Tammara Mattingly works with clients & Interior designers to create their own personal dream finish. Your home will have a totally unique finish, as each plaster or painted finish is bespoke.

ITALIAN Finishes

Light reflective artisan finishes are created using different highly skilled applicators. Team Fab create wonderful wall decoration for your interior design development with endless creative possibilities.

“Light is Key with in all objects of beauty”

  • SuedeLux

    This is a beautiful texture hand applied wall finish that echos the movement and look of Suede. The SuedeLux comes in a full range of colours that will work with all interiors. This finish is not only beautiful, it is also hard wearing and fully wipeable. 

gold suedeLux luxury italian bespoke wall finish fabulous finishes uk
concrete suedelux finish bespoke suede wall finish fabulous finishes uk

    Silkchic is a delicate looking and light enhancing wall finish that creates an amazing soft broken distressed silk look. This finish is subtle so it does not over power your room but adds a sophisticated wall finish without taking over your space.

  • Jewel-lusta

    The range has a wonderful choice of rich and deep colour with shimmering light qualities that enables the colour to change from one angle to another. Jewel-Lusta has all the colour of jewels from deep Emeralds, Ruby reds , Amethyst to the light aquamarine and turquoise blue.

  • salblelo

    This Italian matt finish has a small textured grain that brings a calm but interesting finish to your interior walls. This finish works particularly well in an urban or contemporary house or office.

  • Rust oxidise 

    Our rust Oxidising finish contains real metal particles and will tarnish naturally over time and when exposed to the elements. We use a copper and  Blue Patina to create a beautiful, authentic rust finish that can be applied to walls or furnishings.


Fabulous Finishes most popular finishes are created using high quality lime and the finest marble flour. Italian decor stucco is perfect for those who are looking for a prestige classic finish. It is natural stucco based on lime putty, oxides and earth, inspired by the Venetian tradition. The product is extremely versatile and provides a smooth, matt finish, textured or gloss if finished using a trowel. Its natural composition ensures the maximum permeability to water vapor, enabling any humidity to diffuse through the plaster and the wall.


The specialist paint effects or faux effects are sometimes perceived as being busy and bold, even dated, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With skilled artisans application, beautifully subtle finishes can be created to enhance any room. A gentle patina or delicate glaze, a metallic shimmer or beautiful layers of clouded tones can lift a room and offer a depth of colour you simply don’t get with ordinary flat emulsion. Each Plaster or painted finish is bespoke, bringing a rich artistic flair to your home or business.

copper leaf grey black bespoke venetian polished plaster art work tammara mattingly fabulous finishes uk


We create one of bespoke venetian plaster arts works for you home and/or office Interiors. We are using colours and texture that fit and work with your interior design scheme. And what is extra great, they are moveable so you can always change your interior space.

BESPOKE Hand painted walls

Our lead designer Tammara is always open for new ideas. For a client in London she created a Silk Chic wall with oriental cherry blossoms. So when you have an original idea never hesitate to contact us. We love to make your dreams come true!