From high end residential interiors to commercial projects, Fabulous Finishes has made wall designs for a full range of spaces. Tammara’s inspiration starts with the client and the space itself. She then blends the inspiration from her world travels and global upbringing to provide a unique space that brings out the individuality of her client. No matter the size of the project, we do not content ourselves to satisfy our clients but thrive to exceed their expectations.

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Our latest Restaurant project “1947 London” is completed ! Tammara Mattingly our lead Artisan has designed the most Fabulous and Unique interior that sings luxury and ambience. This image is of the V.I.P booted area with the bespoke green, black, gold polished plaster with the exotic look that is eye catching and inviting.

It is an interior which is warm and vibrant and welcoming for the guests... all of whom love the environment Fabulous Finishes has created.

“Outstanding design work by Tamara at our new London restaurant 1947 london. She has designed an interior which is warm and vibrant and welcoming for our guests....all of whom love the environment she has created.Tamara was great to work with and has definitely created an experience for our diners. A great big thank you to Tamara Mattingly you are a great talent.” - Suzi Farrow Saggar


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1947 london custom wall design.jpeg
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Residential Property HatchenD, Hertfordshire

Fabulous finishes was contacted by new clients that had undertaken a full renovation of their property and wanted four different areas of their home to have a specialist finish. Those areas included would be a feature fireplace, an open plan kitchen dining area, guest W.C and their master en-suite. Our clients both like colour and desired luxury touched with a bit of drama!

we are designers that can help you make the difficult choices that matter so much, you might change your sofa , cushion, or curtains but you want you walls to be beautiful and unique as they create your ambience to your life.

The clients are very delighted with every feature and space with a list ready for their next areas to be Fabulously finished.

Bespoke Spa,Putney,S.W London

We where contacted my Flockheart Studio to create a unique and custom wall finish for their client located in Putney. They were seeking a Polished plaster finish as they had heard about its waterproof and breathable quality’s that make Polished plaster perfect for spas and bathrooms.

Our lead designer worked with both partners to create a signature look that would be eye catching and unique. Our Designer created several samples using all the elements that they requested working with the elements of colour and texture that they desired. The clients where intrigued and delighted with the bespoke design enjoying how light effects the spa areas throughout the day.

Video’s about this project:

Our lead designer Tammara made some video’s to show the fabulous end result.

Copper oxidize entrance

we created this rich copper oxidized wall finish for an amazing property that had a staircase to die for but as it was just a new build it was a basic cream that left our client very uninspired. The client wished to warm up the large space adding colour to the large and architecturally striking three story home. our lead Designer Tammara recommend one of our Lustra range that is very light reactive the finish that changes through out the day and evening.

The Homes Entrance the first thing you see when you come in and the last thing you see when you leave. We are all about creating that magical first impression!

bespoke copper feature entrance skylight light reactive lustra finish


We where approached by a Interior designer working in Islington that had a client that was very interested in our team creating a bespoke and very Texture finish for his Italian Designer kitchen located in Liverpool street . He is an Art dealer that an Artist to create a very unique styled finish that would be more art then a wall finish. the space is luxurious all white in their multi story family home. They had all ready renovated the space and just need the help of our designs to bring their luxury to life! Our designer and lead artisan Tammara Mattingly worked on realizing their dreams by developing their very own signature wall finish

The end result looked great and gave their kitchen an even more luxury feel.

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Marble Restoration

Faux marbling is great as it looks like real marble. A faux marble painted finish can closely resemble the real thing, there by bringing the opulence of marble without the hassle. hand painting and glazing techniques are used to create exotic marble that can turn a fireplace, feature wall, floor or ceiling into an opulent addition to any property. we where called in to create faux marble during the renovation of the Landmark hotels Ballroom

Painting techniques are used by our artisan to assist in the renovation of a marble wall. Fabulous finishes helped them save a beloved piece of history.

Staircase renovation

Travertino Romano is a thick wall coating that takes on the appearance of cut stone, substituting the often costly and complex application procedures of real stone. It allows us to create a natural stone effect with an open and close pore finish. The characteristics of the product ensure that it bonds well with every type of wall surface both interior and exterior, recreating the effect of Travertine stone. The Travertino finish looked fantastic when it is was a applied to one of our clients staircase. We applied the Travertino and then manipulated the texture of the product which when fully harden turns to real stone.

feature wall london design rivington.jpg

The Shutter Bug cafe & Bar

Rivington place is a Photographers Gallery located in Shoreditch London. The shutter bug is a cafe located with in the building which was going to start opening as night as a Bar so they were looking for a totally unique finish, bringing a rich artistic flair to their business. Our lead artist Tammara was approach by The Shutterbug asking Tammara to create a custom wall finish in a Concrete style but also distressed age look with some rich coppers brought in also. We used our most textured polished plaster Travertino and then Tammara Artistically applied washed to build up distress that gave the space the grime urban look . We then create interesting display nooks which we coated with rich metallic copper and also the industrial lights over the bar, with the ceiling finished in a deep metallic graphite grey.

Venetian plaster staircase

We where called by a new client Avkash Halai AB Construction Ltd to inquire about the use of our Fabulous Venetian finish as a final touch to the elegant Staircase that he was installing as part of his clients renovation in Moor Park Hertfordshire . We consulted with the Kassam’s on the full range we can create of which they've chosen the very fine Venetian polished plaster. Samples where produced in colours for their selection. The Fabulous Finishes UK team got straight to work, to bring the cool, smooth and soft sheen Venetian finish to life. The clients were very happy with our work and that beautiful finish to their stairs which was a focal point of their renovation.

venetian plaster finish staircase.jpg
fine soft white venetian bespoke polished plaster marble gloss feature wall staircase finish high end property development fabulous finishes uk tammara mattingly interior design london finished project  4.jpg
venetian plaster finish staircase London 11.jpg
fine soft white venetian bespoke polished plaster marble gloss feature wall staircase finish high end property development fabulous finishes uk tammara mattingly interior design london finished project  5.jpg
venetian plaster finish staircase London 8.jpg

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Kitchen feature wall

Fabulous Finishes is always looking for new and exciting products that enable our Artisan designers to create unique, bespoke and atmospheric finishes. The clients visited our studio gallery at was immediately draw to a Beautiful Dark Black polished plaster with rich copper, bronze and silver detail that Tammara Had just created. The new design was to give a bit of dark but warm atmosphere to a room, bringing a beautiful focal point to their room. Fabulous Finishes UK we are always striving to create & execute the entire project to the highest standards with our clients dreams & desires at the forefront of our creative minds. we can offer an unrivaled creative range of a feature wall offers endless possibilities but we also do soft and sutble too. The stylish polished plaster brought in an air of sophistication that is core to all great design. The surface reflects the light and moves light over its cool polished surface. it is has an ever changing beauty that is durable , wont rip or fad with age like a wallpaper.

bespoke black polished plaster copper bronze silver 7.jpg
bespoke black polished plaster copper bronze silver 8.jpg
bespoke black polished plaster copper bronze silver 5.jpg

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Staircase grey finish

We are specialised in creating bespoke staircase finishing. Bespoke feature wall finishes can be a light reflective artisan finish being created by using different highly skilled techniques. We use the finest light enhancing and reflective Italian plasters, paints and waxes to create wonderful wall decoration for your interior design development. Bespoke feature wall finishes can have many grade and textures. Light is Key with in all objects of beauty. Fabulous Finishes created a glimmering and glistening wall finish for the staircase of one of our clients

bespoke feature wall finish textured black grey metallic italian stucco polished plaster north london fabulous finishes uk 7.jpg
wall design london grey feature wall 8.jpg

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